Crooked Log Cabin

Crooked Log Cabin quilts are one of my very favorite type quilts to make.  If I have to travel and bring my sewing machine, I will just bring a big pile of fabric strips and sew all evening.  It is mindless and fun and relaxing.  After I make a big pile of crooked log cabins blocks, then I spend time arranging them and figuring out a way to put them together.

Sometimes the colors I have picked don’t seem to go together, so I will throw some in the cabinet and start again with another color scheme.  You can see that I had some leftover centers from “Weekend Getaway” (purple centers surrounded by yellow/orange) and I used those in “In the Limelight”.  It is easy to use some of the leftover blocks from previous quilts in the next quilts.  Since I know I will always be able to use them somewhere, it doesn’t bother me to sew with complete abandon and make numerous crooked log cabin blocks before figuring out what to do with them.