I adore the shape of houses!  I take photos of cute houses everywhere I go.  I would put houses on all my quilts if I could.

I’m actually not very good at drawing, but I can draw a kindergarten house with the best of them.  I don’t use perspective or shading or any of those fancy artist techniques.  I just cut out a square or rectangle and slap a cute roof on the top, and embellish it with rickrack or lace, and each house turns out charming every time.

I teach two different workshops which feature houses.  The houses from “Curvaceous Pieced Houses for the Precision Impaired” look like appliqued houses, but they aren’t. They are made using curved piecing.

“Playtime Neighborhood in Fusible Applique” is a workshop where I teach my students to draw my cute little kindergarten houses and make them from fusible applique.