When You Can’t Precision Piece, & You Hate Math, What Do You Do?

What’s All That Stuff on Your Quilt?  Embellishments and How to Use Them.

Oops! Now What? Fixing Mistakes Creatively


  • Six hour workshop: $475.
  • Three hour workshop: $400.
  • One-hour Power-Point lecture: $400
  • All travel and related expenses will be borne by the guild/conference/shop.
  • If venue is over 50 miles away, a minimum of two events must be booked.
  • Her books and patterns will be available for purchase before and after her presentations.
  • A $100 non-refundable fee is required to book a teaching trip, and this fee will be applied toward the final bill.
  • Amy does not teach on Sundays.



Download Contract in .PDF format