When You Can’t Precision Piece,
and You Hate Math, What Do You Do?


Confessions of a Precision Impaired Quilter


A one-hour power point lecture and trunk show.

When you can’t precision piece, and you hate math, what do you do? This was the question Amy asked herself after years of making traditional quilts and taking classes to learn traditional techniques. The answers are explained in this enjoyable lecture. Amy gives her history of how she turned away from templates and patterns and now uses unorthodox methods to come up with her beautiful quilts.

These methods include fusible machine applique, curvaceous piecing, crooked log cabin, crazy quilting, sew and flip, and her original “Frazzled Fancies” and “Haphazard Piecing” techniques.

Hear the story of how Amy made the 10 ft. tall, 7 ft. wide pictorial “Opera Quilt” without measuring anything. (In fact, she topstitched all the sashing down, instead of piecing it, so she wouldn’t have to figure out the angles!)

Listen to the strange tale of how a bunch of UFO’s (unfinished objects) were recycled into prizewinning quilts.

Be amazed at the way she makes hundreds of tiny units and then, later, decides what to do with them. (“Pre-planning” is not in her vocabulary!)

And be prepared to leave her lecture with a new outlook on quilting–the realization that even if you don’t like to measure, and you can’t match points, you, too, can make gorgeous quilts!

Amy will bring digital projector. Guild must provide extension cord, projection screen and microphone.