Curvaceous Pieced Houses for the Precision Impaired

A Six hour curved piecing workshop
(Another in Amy’s series of classes geared toward the “precision impaired” quilter)

Intermediate level.

This is the Life #1

Create whimsical houses using no rulers or patterns while you learn to do curved piecing.  Each unique house, with several surrounding borders, will be cut freehand with gentle curves using your rotary cutter.

     Great embellishments (such as fusible windows, beading, couching, and yoyos) and creative machine quilting designs (such as bricks, grass, and sky) will be demonstrated.  Sewing machine required (Straight stitch is all you need for piecing.)

Supply List


  • Sewing machine , extra machine needles
  • Basic sewing supplies, thread, bobbins, pins, seam ripper
  • Rotary cutter, rotary mat (every person should bring these)
  • Chalk marker (preferred) or disappearing wash-out marker
  • Fabric (see instructions below)
  • (Classroom must have iron, ironing board)

Instructions for Choosing Fabrics

(Please bring only good-quality quilting cottons.  Other types fray too much.)This is the Life #4

All fabric measurements are approximations.  The bigger the pieces, the more  free you will feel because you won’t be worrying you will run out.   Bring an abundance of fabrics that appear “solid”, but also include several stripes, polka dots, or wild or busy prints.

When choosing your borders, remember that each border must have a high contrast in color with the borders on either side of it. For example, if your sky is light, the first border is dark, second border is light, outer background is dark.  The following is the bare minimum that you would need. (It is better to bring more.)

  • At least 8 inch square for house
  • At least 12 inch square for roof
  • 1/3 yard or Fat quarter for sky
  • At least 14” x 6” for grass
  • 1/4 to 1/2 yd. for first border (not a fat quarter- must be long)
  • 1/4 to 1/2 yd. for second border (not a fat quarter-must be long)

P.S.  I am creating another new Curved Piecing workshop to debut in 2015, called “Rivers and Skies in Curved Piecing”. Please check it out here on my website.