Playtime Neighborhood in Fusible Applique

Six hour workshop
(Another in Amy’s series of classes geared toward the “precision impaired” quilter)


Beginners and up.

Learn how to create your own original houses, inspired by the houses on Amy’s award-winning “Make An Appointment” quilt.. You will learn the childlike ways to draw houses with curvy roofs, funny crooked doors and windows, and loads of embellishments to make them charming.

You will learn to use fusible webbing, fabric, embroidery and numerous embellishment to make houses, and how to use them in whimsical quilts. You will see numerous examples from Amy’s quilts. Also, learn how to make Amy’s “Haphazard Piecing” for the background.

You will create several fusible appliqué houses of your own design. Take them home and satin stitch by machine later to sew them down to a background and make a little neighborhood.

No sewing machines will be used during class.


Students supply list:


 Bring many colors of solid and solid-reading fabric, plus polka dots, stripes, and plaids to liven up the neighborhood! For large areas such as grass and sky, you may use patterned fabric which looks like grass and sky. Otherwise, we don’t want fabrics with figures on them (such as people or pigs, etc.) Think of buying appropriate colors to use for roofs, doors, porches, etc. These can be in realistic or quirky, whimsical colors. Windowpanes look good using yellow or grey mottled colored fabrics. Fat quarters and smaller are usually enough. Please bring a possible background for your houses, it can be blue sky or midnight sky or any color you want (I use yellow sometimes.) Remember, your houses need to show up against your sky, so if you are doing a blue sky, bring medium-to-darker fabrics for the houses. If you are doing a midnight sky, bring light-to-medium colors, or bright colors, for your houses.

Additional supplies needed:  Sewing machines will not be used in class.

  • Paper scissors, fabric scissors, pencil, pen,
  • 10 pieces of scrap paper.
  • rotary cutter and small mat
  • Fusible web – 1/4 yard
  • Corrugated cardboard for a firm ironing surface, (can be ripped off from a box)
  • One iron per four students. Ironing boards.

Optional items:

  • Background fabric for future use: dark sky or daytime sky colors
  • Clear Teflon pressing sheet
  • Interesting pictures of houses.
  • Tiny iron

You’ll need later:

  • Stabilizer:  Easy Tear, Tear Easy, or other brands.  One yard.

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